In a historic rebranding effort, the University of Wisconsin Madison has changed its anthem of over a century, the beloved “Varsity,” into rap prodigy Lil’ Pump’s smash hit, “Gucci Gang.” This change, ordered by UW Chancellor the Rapper herself Rebecca Blank — now going by Lil’ Becca — comes alongside a surge in Lil’ Pump’s popularity with the above 50 demographic.

“While I understand that it may be a strong deviation from the norm, this change reflects that the university has an open ear to student culture, and are willing to meet the demands of our diverse and politically active campus,” Lil’ Becca said during a press conference announcing the change.

“Varsity” is the product of a time long since passed, Lil’ Becca said. She added it is time the university steps up and makes the changes needed to modernize our campus and create lasting student inclusion.

Lil’ Becca stressed that this rebranding process is just that — a process. She acknowledged the university knows they cannot create a modern, inclusive campus overnight.

Student reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. According to a Dirty Bird Poll, exactly 69 percent of students support the changes to the university.

“I felt that the university government had no real interest in student grievances, but then this happened and I was like ‘look how relatable and cool they are.’ Now I know for sure they relate to us,”  UW student Chuck Greene said in response to the changes.

Following the press conference, Lil’ Becca laid out plans to rename the football team “The UW FamSquad” and change Bucky the Badger into “some sort of Twitter bird.”