The University of Wisconsin School of Business recently announced its creation of a seminar series led by Girl Scouts.

The series will be a required course for all newly-accepted business school students. The seminar will center its focus on effective marketing practices and how to establish a target audience.

The leader of the local girl scout troop Savannah Smiles said they were first inspired to teach a class at the business school after selling girl scout cookies on Mifflin Street during St. Patrick’s day festivities. The leader reported a 300 percent increase in profit after just one day.

“It was my idea for our girls to teach a class at the university,” overly involved troop mom Stacy Samoas said. “Drunk college kids are the ones buying our daughter’s cookies. Why wouldn’t they want to learn something from them too?”

However, not everyone is a fan of the new seminar series.

Some have referred to it as “pointless,” while others fear that the content level of the course will be over their heads.

“It seems a little lame to me,” said frat star Adam Adderall, a sophomore and incoming business school student. “My dad pays for my education and he’ll be unhappy to hear that I’m required to take a course led entirely by women.”

Others reiterated his opinion, worried that the Girl Scout’s would only offer a “woman’s perspective” of the business world.

Business school junior Chad Johnson, who will be required to take the seminar after failing an introductory level marketing course, was heavily opposed to the new lecture series, sharing many of the same viewpoints as Adderall.

“I mean, come on. Just because I like to eat Thin Mints when I’m hammered doesn’t mean that Girl Scouts know more than I do about marketing and finding a target audience,” Johnson said. “I have a side business myself. I sell fake IDs outside of Witte Hall. You can get them cheaper from But freshman don’t know that.”

Despite heavy opposition from the majority of the business school, the seminar will begin as scheduled at the start of fall semester. Attendance will make up 50 percent of the class grade and cookies will not be provided.