“Hi I am the Pillsbury Doughboy, I just woke up from a six month coma.”

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“Where did I put my shirt?”

Actually not to far from reality. (Courtesy of Giphy)

“I think you are ridiculously handsome for a member of management.”

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“Gonna be honest, I’m really drunk”

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“Gonna be honest, I’m not drunk.”

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“I think I should get a tattoo.”

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“I think I should get another tattoo.”

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“Nickelback isn’t that bad.”

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“I think I can cover Shrekfest on camera.”

Shrekfest 2017: Jeremy's Return

Shrek fans gather in the swamp for Shrekfest, but Jeremy Frodl fought through the mud for fresh takes

Posted by The Badger Herald on уторак 12. септембар 2017.

“I have an opinion on that.”

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“I should remove these tattoos.”

Turns out that’s expensive (Courtesy of Giphy)

“I think I’ll take a selfie while shitting.”

“Wanna take this back to your place so I can vomit on your couch?”

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“I love you.”