As the beginning of the year rolls around, many freshmen are moving into the dorms. Transitioning into a new social and living situation can be a scary time — fortunately, the Badger Herald has your back with these move-in tips.

Leave your door open

Leave your door open, to let others know you are welcoming and available to chat. Without this, how are you supposed to talk to people?


Have an open mind

A good way to befriend new people is to have an open mind — people may seem scary or strange at first, but when you get to know them, they can become a good friend. Oftentimes, people you may have thought were completely unlike you may become your new best friend. Apply this rule to anyone, unless they enjoy watching anime — avoid weeaboos like the plague.


Make a good first impression

Remember that first impressions are important. When you meet someone new, inform them of your AP credits, your test scores or, if applicable, how you came to school already in sophomore standing, since you’re the only one. This establishes you as a smart, special person who everybody should get to know.


Rush a fraternity or sorority

Now that you’ve met people on your floor, begin rushing a frat or a sorority that’s right for you. Once you’ve finished initiation, leave the hospital and take part in your new mandatory consent classes. Not everyone is special or important enough to go Greek, so make a big deal about the new brotherly or sisterly bonds that you have. A great way to emphasize this is to cover your door in frat paraphernalia, wear shitty boat shoes or to loudly return late at night with your frat bros.


Understand boundaries

Locate any hotties on your floor and flirt like hell with them. Remember, when it comes to dating, there is no bad publicity, except that there is if you’re a jackass. If you ask them to go out for dinner, and they say no, wait a few days and stay in your room, and wait a few more days, and then eventually binge drink until you lower your standards and head back to the playing field. No means no!


Become a hermit

Ignore other people on your floor, they aren’t your frat friends anyway. Feel free to play music as loud as possible though — you can’t let them forget you’re there.


Follow these simple steps and you’ll gain a healthier social life than you ever have before. College is a time of opportunity, don’t pass any up.