A Facebook page created in February 2015 decidedly made a bold, historical statement. These beautiful Facebook activists have committed to getting Hollywood actor and adult heartthrob Mark Ruffalo elected governor of Wisconsin.

Dedicated to the advancement of RuffaBAE’s political career, the Facebook page spreads the good word by sharing pictures and videos of Ruffalo speaking at various protests.

As the Hollywood sexy man/cutie for climate change is originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, this group of nearly 400 people on Facebook believe him to be an excellent candidate for the state’s highest office.

Courtesy of Mark Ruffalo for Governor 2018

The actor’s political career took off after appearing with Leonardo DiCaprio in “Before The Flood.” Since, it seems as if Ruffa-Oh, Damn is all over the political map trying to be the next Bono (not that there’s anything to hold against Bono; they’re both excellent people).

Ruffalo sure is a real-life Hulk when it comes to taking on all these heavy issues, and hopefully this page is what it takes to get America’s pepper-haired sweetheart elected governor of Wisconsin.

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