Starbucks has always been famous for their interesting drinks throughout the years, and it turns out there is an entire list of crazy drinks nobody knew they made. Check out these sweet Starbucks hacks at a Starbucks near you!

1. The Magic Mushroom

This so simple for any barista to make. First go to the local farmer’s market and buy exactly 3 mushrooms from the elderly Eastern European lady between the bread/pastry area and those mid 20-somethings that sell “all natural” soaps. Bring them to the Starbucks closest to the Capitol and they’ll add a little chocolate surprise and mix them right up.

Ingredients: mushrooms, 2-4 pumps of chocolate, milk, black coffee.

2. The “Can I speak to the manager?”

Nothing says a soccer mom’s enthusiasm for a 5th grade honor student like a collared blouse and harem pants. You don’t need to dress up to get this one. Simply ask for a black coffee, get a little angry, and then ask for the manager. The manager may seem a little annoyed by your presence, but that’s society’s way of telling you that you got “IT.”

Ingredients: Black Coffee, a “motherly” attitude adjustment.

3. Flatte (A Free Latte)

Speaking from personal experience, the best things in life are free. With fall semester and midterms underway, a nice warm latte is best to soothe a swelling brain. The best way to get a free latte is to break up with your lover of two years right in front of everybody! That’s a great way to end a healthy relationship right, Kathy? After all we’ve been through? I deserve better.

Who am I kidding? I miss you, baby. Please come back. Call me.

Ingredients: Milk (of your choice), espresso (of your choice), lover (of your choice)

4. Ice Tea with three sugars.

Sometimes when I’m feeling extra naughty, I want keep my svelte figure. Try this CRAZY new recipe. Just order a black ice tea from a coffee shop that doesn’t specialize in tea at all and then go to the corner and put 3 sugar packets in. It’s like the perfect DIY and drink all in one! Pin it for later.

Ingredients: Figure it out.

5. Breakfast Shake

Breakfast panini would be so much better if they were blended up. Trying to incorporate iron into your diet is tough as it is. Let your local barista know about your iron deficiency and they’ll blend up one of those turkey pesto shakes in an instant! Try it with some flavors if you’re in the mood or feeling BAD.

Ingredients: Turkey Pesto Panini, Ice, Water, Iron

6. Bumpkin Spice Latte

Go inside. Talk to to no one. Don’t even get your order taken. Give the cashier that look. They will know. Ding! Your drink’s ready at the counter.

Ingredients: Unknown