Gov. Scott Walker recently had a portrait made of him that now hangs in the governor’s mansion. Here are a few other fun portraits we think would go great next to it.

1. Joseph Stalin

Nothing says good art like a portrait of Russia’s most prominent dictator. The military uniform and mustache next to the governor of Wisconsin really makes him look like he’s a leader of the allied powers.


2. President Barack Obama

Putting a picture of two old friends is never a bad idea. Now everyone who comes to visit the governor’s mansion can see these two friends next to each other and smiling.

3. Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony committed terrible war crimes and atrocities in northern Uganda, so having a picture up on the same wall will always remind Walker what not to do as governor … hopefully.

4. Rebecca Blank

Instead of putting this photo next to Walker’s, it should really be put across from it, just like how their offices are across State Street from one another. Now, they can stare at each other all day at work and in a form of art.

5. Ben Carson and Jesus

Two of the best people in the world combined into possibly the best picture in the world. If you can name one reason this shouldn’t go next to Walker’s new photo, I dare you. It’s impossible.

6. Che Guevara

Walker loves the socialist revolutions that took place in Venezuela and Bolivia and Guevara is the iconic image behind them. Walker also loves socialism so this is a perfect portrait to go next to him.


7. Butthead

Let’s face it, they just look alike.

8. The Grimace

Walker just thinks Grimace is hilarious, and he needs a good laugh every once in a while.