What if the University of Wisconsin had its own league of superheroes?

Thanks to cutting-edge imaging software a team of crack engineers developed, you don’t have to wonder any longer.

After hours of tireless analytics and calculations, The Badger Herald has produced an envisioned superhero league for the city of Madison.

You can blame modern technology.

Mayor Paul Soglin

Stern and rule-oriented with a fun-loving soft spot, Soglin and his trusty pooch lead the Badgerpuff team and provide a vigilant force of justice in the city of Madison. Though his intentions are good, team members often complain that his prioritization of protecting State Street from the vices and temptations of alcohol can be unproductive.

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Chancellor Rebecca Blank

Wise, measured and dutiful, Blank is a crucial component to the team. While other team members may be quick to act, Blank provides a guiding force of restraint. Her background in economics and influence as acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce stabilize the finances of the Badgerpuff budget.

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Nigel Hayes

The youngest team member by decades, Nigel Hayes invigorates his older compatriots and ensures that the Badgerpuff team can stay out past 9 p.m. on weekends. Energetic, optimistic and encouraging, Hayes keeps the team on their feet with his good-natured antics and athletic prowess.

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Dean of Students Lori Berquam

As Dean of Students, Berquam relates to the students of UW and helps direct the Badgerpuff team to best fit their needs. While her team members often feel she gets too caught up thinking about her nemesis, the Mifflin Monster, they know she means well.

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Gov. Scott Walker

Though Walker’s role in state government can distract from his commitment to the Badgerpuffs, his influence in regional politics brings unprecedented resources to the team. But his team members are still conflicted about last year’s decision to cut hundreds of millions from the University of Wisconsin System to install an ice rink in the Badgerpuff headquarters.

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