UW System student lobbyists must be recognized, used by student body

Statewide issues too large to be tackled by individual student governments, system-wide body must see use


Marginalized student groups have beef with Babcock ice cream’s problematic formula

Babcock ice cream uses beef gelatin as stabilizer, making one of UW's most cherished traditions inaccessible to certain communities


Student body must remain united in order to effectively fight against injustice on campus

History has shown effective movements are result of unified student body


Voting in ASM elections imperative for representative democracy on UW campus

Now more than ever, students must be aware of their influence on campus policy


Student organizations critical to creating impactful, positive college experience

Clubs teach professional, soft skills that academic classes typically ignore


To accommodate eager students, business school’s ’86 credit rule’ must change

Turning away students with 'too many credits' works against goals of a college education


UW System plan to merge universities fails to account for student needs

Integral voices silenced in decision concerning all campuses


Board of Regents decision blurs definition of freedom of speech

Freedom of speech should be universal right not reserved for solely the ideas one agrees with


Students must maintain involvement in fight to protect segregated fees

Fees fund many campus necessities — without them, many facets of campus will suffer


Issues of diversity, inclusion must be addressed with same level of commitment as Alcohol Edu, Tonight

Many incoming freshman have little experience with diverse environments, educating them effectively on how to address such communities should be taken seriously.