State of Wisconsin

Bill on Walker’s desk would allow landlords to evict tenants for ‘criminal activity’

Under new legislation, smoking weed, throwing a party could become grounds for eviction

State of Wisconsin

Constitutional amendment would set term limits for Wisconsin governor, Legislature

Some say this will make state government more effective, others argue term limits are not the problem

State of Wisconsin

A safe place: Legislation pushes sober housing development in Wisconsin

With state's rising drug problem, few sober housing options, legislators, experts call for action

State of Wisconsin

Legislation would rewrite old water laws to increase waterfront property rights

Proponents of the bill argue changes will benefit owners, critics say it will harm environment

State of Wisconsin

Bill gives Wisconsin public libraries power to report delinquent borrowers

Legislation passed Senate committee Tuesday

State of Wisconsin

Melissa Sargent named state director for Women in Government, talks boosting education opportunities

Sargent's proposed bill would provide grants to Wisconsin resident students that cover their tuition, housing and textbooks


Marquette Law School Poll: Ben Carson moves to frontrunner position for Wisconsin GOP voters

Marquette University Law School poll breaks down Wisconsinites' political views

State of Wisconsin

Dane County shoots down proposed fee increase for solar panel users

UW expert believes WE Energies will repel to state supreme court

State of Wisconsin

Committee hearing looks to promote lake wildlife growth, Wis. trapping heritage

Blaze pink hunting clothing option passed to Assembly floor

State of Wisconsin

New legislation could lower hunting age requirement, let hunters wear pink

Hunter safety attire may expand to include pink

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