City of Madison

Fender bender ends with car landing on top of parked Jeep

Jacob Lackey was arrested for reckless driving, endangering safety, disorderly conduct, operating while intoxicated, operating after suspension

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC to fund PAVE for two more years

The student organization is dedicated to preventing sexual assault, dating violence and stalking through education and activism.

UW-Madison Campus

Expert discusses importance of cells in recognizing, treating concussions

Brain injuries often go undiagnosed because hundreds of brain cells can die, symptoms could still be small enough to go unrecognized


Where Wisconsin’s gubernatorial, U.S. Senate candidates stand on public education

Experts weigh in on what UW System, students should expect from each candidate


UW researcher finds racial segregation increases disparity between black, white homicide rates

Researcher said that although most segregated cities are most dangerous, whites don't feel negative effects of living in those areas

UW-Madison Campus

ASM proposes taking action against gelatin in Babcock ice cream

Many religious groups are not able to enjoy UW staple because of its ingredients, Rep. Jared Lang says

City of Madison

Man stabbed during argument on State Street

Ephrom Walker was arrested for second degree recklessly endangering safety

UW-Madison Campus

UW students spearhead creation of two new campus cultural centers

With new Latinx Cultural Center, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Cultural Center, UW now houses four cultural centers

City of Madison

Man arrested for disorderly conduct on State Street

Man pointed knife at Stop and Shop clerk

UW-Madison Campus

Police search for third suspect in attempted robbery, battery near Memorial Library

Two other suspects, who weren't involved in the robbery or battery, were found and cited for disorderly conduct.