Taylor Swift’s story: how America’s sweetheart sold her soul for $64 million

Chart-topping, pop star has lost sight of musical integrity, authenticity in pursuit of money


Joshua Sanders performs in Madison Opera’s ‘Sweeney Todd’ as youngest principal singer

University of Wisconsin senior in vocal performance major transitions from chorus to lead role


Spring 2015 at UW Cinematheque: from Orson Welles classics to contemporary indie flicks

For film buffs, interested movie newbs, this semester's lineup will give comprehensive education in critically-acclaimed pieces

Arts Feature

Move to Madison proves to be creative ‘sabbatical’ for prominent indie rock collaborator

Casey Foubert has worked with artists like Sufjan Stevens, members of The Shins, Fleet Foxes, is now producing independent LP


Seinfeld’s standup show proved cynicism is not only relatable, but it’s hilarious

Sitcom legend Jerry Seinfeld performed standout performance at Madison's Overture Center for the Arts


New music festival will add indie to mix in Northern Wisconsin

Members of Bon Iver, the National will curate two day festival in Eau Claire, Wis.


Mary J. Blige belts own praises, struggles in latest LP

Music legend emanates 90’s greatness, attempts to remain relevant in soulful The London Sessions, with help of British collaborators


J Mascis’s solo projects do not translate on stage


Weezer’s latest LP attempts to recreate former glory, fails

Weezer’s last few albums have often felt like the Monty Python-esque skits I used to perform at camp: pithy, satirical and highly unoriginal. Rather


A dance party indeed: Sylvan Esso drops bass, belts vocals to expectant Majestic crowd