Concealed carry doesn’t have to be unsettling

Might not be the worst policy if rules, regulations can be added to who can get permit


UW gave students false impression about process of receiving second round of Meningitis B shot

Since this is such serious disease, every effort should be made to innoculate students


Give President-elect Trump a chance

Recounts requested by Jill Stein, others shows massive distrust in U.S. election process


Community service benefits students, no matter where it’s done

Through refusing to recognize volunteer hours at religious institutions, UW-Eau Claire's community service graduation requirement undermines its intended goal


Juvenile offenders deserve a second shot at life

Wisconsin criminal justice system needs reform in parole, in general


UW System should have authority over its own construction projects

Management should come from those closely associated with campuses, not government agency


Wisconsin public education is a trainwreck

Wisconsin government public education policies forced to spend $23 million to keep faculty on campus


Highest-bidder-wins culture Act 10 has created disadvantages for poorer school districts

5 years later, Rift growing within Wis. public education


Conservative report’s cookie cutter vision of college is limited

Higher education is more than just studies: Less costly college is a necessity, but not at expense of holistic education


University’s cap on employee hours hurts students who need the most help

Affordable Care Act needs reform to help students have means to pay for college

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