UW-Madison Campus

American Academy of Arts and Sciences adds six UW faculty members

Election of six faculty members in a year is a record for university

State of Wisconsin

Evers implements temporary ban on evictions, foreclosures

'Threat of eviction, foreclosure poses significant, direct threat to personal security, public’s health,' order said

State of Wisconsin

Dairy farmers grapple with economic fallout of COVID-19

Restaurants, schools no longer buying dairy products

State of Wisconsin

State Assembly votes to raise age to purchase tobacco products to 21

After mounting pressure from federal government, WI assembly lawmakers introduced legislation to adjust legal age

City of Madison

After decrease in opioid overdoses in Madison, UW, city takes steps to sustain downward trend

Action to 'address the opioid epidemic is a direct result of multiple agencies,' city health official says

State of Wisconsin

Over 100 vape related hospitalizations spark WI legislator discussion

Sen. Risser, D-Madiosn speaks out about growing vaping epidemic

UW-Madison Campus

Bioethicist analyzes ethics of human genome editing

Expert says some genome editing is perfectly sound, other treatments require caution

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s high binge drinking rate results in higher social burden

Studies showed Dane County has highest binge drinking rates in the state

UW-Madison Campus

Soil scientist discusses soil crisis, calls for higher public awareness

Handelsman emphasized importance of education for sustainable practices

UW-Madison Campus

The 100s at Eagle Heights to welcome non-freshman undergraduates

Ninety-nine of 1,050 apartments will open to non-freshman undergraduates