Sturgill Simpson puts psychedelic twist on classic country at Majestic performance

Unconventional themes like drugs paired with 'barn-burning rockers' shatter genre stereotypes, enlivens audience


The Decemberists’ latest LP flaunts stellar musicianship despite cringeworthy lyrics

Only a band like Portland, Oregon’s The Decemberists would include a mention of a strong, northwesterly wind that blows over France and the Mediterranean

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WWOOF students work scenic, rolling farmland in uncertain organic climate

I couldn’t help smiling as we drove down into the valley. Rolling hills topped by cyprus trees, pathwork farm fields spread like a carpet


Black Keys successfully bring classic rock sounds to present

'Turn Blue' continues Danger Mouse-produced sound of previous three albums


The Devil Makes Three bring energetic bluegrass to wild, sold-out Majestic crowd


The Devil Makes Three set to bring maple syrup-soaked bluegrass to Majestic

Life is hard. And no one knows that better than The Devil Makes Three, a trio of bluegrass musicians hailing from Santa Cruz, Calif.


Move that belly: UW Bellydancing brings stylish moves to Madtown

The seven dancers stride confidently across the floor, brightly colored veils billowing regally behind them. They stop and twirl, once, twice, before launching into


‘Lost’ Johnny Cash album stands ably alongside releases from peak years

The man’s life reads like a country song: humble beginnings and early stardom followed by a failed marriage and a long struggle with drug


The Naked and Famous awe Majestic with exultant choruses, pop hooks


Real Estate’s ‘Atlas’ soothes with sleepy guitars, longing vocals

There’s a Corona commercial that instructs us to “find our beach” amid the noise and commotion of our everyday lives. That’s a pretty tall