Line-item veto streamlines lengthy amendment process

With partisan gridlock grinding legislation to a halt, allowing governor to speed it up process is right thing to do


Wisconsin judicial elections hamper branch’s impartiality

Influence, support from special interests affect judges' decisions


Government assistance programs ‘kicks poor while they are down’

Time to revisit 1990’s welfare reform, which saved budget but simultaneously increased poverty and child homelessness


Why Scott Walker’s campaign came to a grinding halt

After plummeting poll numbers and flippant policy; it was time for the governor to pack his bags


Gerrymandering in Wisconsin killed electoral democracy

Redistricting of northern Wis. is evidence Republicans have unfair advantage in elections


Proposal to ban votes from lobbyist at city committees is good government

Madison community deserves same level of representation as business interests


Panhandling ban is another law to make downtown Madison paradise for wealthy

ACLU accuses city of infringing on homeless rights


Walker budget changes to higher education will undermine the UW System

Beyond high funding cuts, tenured faculty are also on the chopping block


Despite Lively performance, ‘Age of Adaline’ suffers from banal, unrealistic plot

Lee Toland Krieger fails to maintain interesting narrative with stale characters and insincere plot


Jay-Z’s Tidal will probably flop, but this is why it still matters

Latest streaming service from slew of music super-stars seeks to give money back to artists in age of Spotify, Pandora

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