Get back to your childhood with ‘Mad Libs’ spinoff ‘Synopsis’

While still feeling like 'Mad Libs' at its core, allows players extra creativity


Refreshing sound, beautifully paced show of AJR enthused fans at Majestic

Personable approach to music more than enough to give audience reason to wait outside Wisconsin 'spring' weather


Choppy seas, rough launch won’t delay success of ‘Sea of Thieves’

Game brings fun to crews of all sizes with simple, fun quests


‘Far Cry 5’ visually compelling, details lacking wholesome experience

Ubisoft's newest installment of series keeps gamers going, for now


Madison’s own ‘The Primary’ offers fun, drama-free take on politics for game night

Despite minor game-mechanics issues, Madison local, Matt Quock, created simplistic, highly repayable game while still in its early stages


Hidden Gems: ‘Catan’ is worth discovering, sacrificing midterm grades to play

Past expansions, recent expansions keep 'Catan' relevant for new, old gamers alike


Fun and Games: Easy to pick up, easy to play, “Fluxx” offers fun for all players

More you play, greater challenge while still simple for beginners


Your Weekend Entertainment: The siege of a lifetime

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege offers dynamic, thrilling multiplayer modes despite grinding, content lack

State of Wisconsin

State Rep. introduces ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ legislation, looks to honor Native Americans

Columbus Day would be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day under new legislation

UW-Madison Campus

Dejope sacred fire circle vandalized in ‘intentional, despicable act’

UW officials condemn graffiti, say native heritage revitalization, recognition of tribal sovereignty is priority to university