State of Wisconsin

Supreme Court hears oral arguments in academic freedom, free speech case

Supreme Court will come to decision by June


Sexual assault awareness speaker explains how rape reflects whose bodies are valued in society

After expulsion from Tufts University following her assault, Wagatwe Wanjuki advocates for survivors

UW-Madison Campus

UW Health receives recognition for work promoting inclusive LGBTQ health care practices

Four criteria of assessment include LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care, LGBTQ Patient Services and Support, Employee Benefits and Policies, LGBTQ Patient and Community Engagement

State of Wisconsin

Records reveal $735,000 of taxpayer money have gone toward sexual harassment settlements

Former UW-Madison employee was recipient of $250K settlement from the state

UW-Madison Campus

Seeking greater inclusivity, UHS hires Mandarin speaking counselor

Wei-Chiao Hsu seeks to enhance connections among international students adjusting to UW campus

UW-Madison Campus

After night of debate, ASM to create new committee tailored towards discussion of issues faced by first year students

Representatives advocated for amplifying freshmen voice on campus

UW-Madison Campus

UW study explores impacts of mentoring for minorities, women in STEM fields

UW female mechanical engineering student emphasized importance of having a mentor in male-dominated field

City of Madison

Suspect assaults bar manager at Church Key

Suspect punched manager in head, jammed finger into manager’s eye

City of Madison

Unidentified man canes individual on State Street

Suspect accused victim of stealing alcohol, took cane from sleeping man nearby to swing at victim

State of Wisconsin

Following court order, GOP calls for ‘extraordinary session’ to change special election laws

Gov. Scott Walker was ordered Thursday to hold special elections by mid-May