Fund programs which prevent reincarceration, not the prison system

There's something ironic about syphoning funds into improving the quality of facilities where it's likely those convicted of a crime will end up a second or third time


Soglin’s public transportation reform proposal excellent use of city funds

By improving the current public transportation system, Madison becomes both environmentally conscious, conscious of underprivileged population


An artists work should never be separated from their actions off screen

Recent reports of sexual assault accusations have brought to light a glaring Hollywood issue, so turn off your TV


Wisconsin politicians should follow Kind’s lead

Under the current hyper-partisan political climate, Ron Kind suggests a simple solution to a complex set of issues


To combat low grade distributions, STEM courses should tweak their style

While STEM and humanities courses are fundamentally different, each can learn from the other


Corporate charity increases public appeal, so introducing mandatory donations an obvious choice

Nonprofits cannot rely on college-age students for monetary donations, so a helping hand from high demand companies would go a long way


It’s the civic duty of all citizens to learn about their local officials

Properly understanding your community starts with understanding local government


Holding moral values doesn’t mean you have to take one side

Confronting aspects of your life that challenge your beliefs can be healthy, given proper amount of deep thought


UW classes that center around societal shortcomings should encourage protest involvement

While other classes can easily implement hands-on experience in connection to their field, some classes that discuss abstract social concepts fall short

UW-Madison Campus

Shops on State Street perpetuate income disparities, cater to top one percent of students

Expensive clothing stores and high-end espresso bars unaccessible for broke college students