Football: Badgers take season opener handedly in 34-3 win over WKU

RB Jonathan Taylor performed like Heisman candidate experts believe him to be, defensive line eliminated WKU rush attack


Gov. Scott Walker’s feelings are hurt, here’s why that doesn’t matter

Responding to party criticism by tearing apart entire party only fosters environment where anger is invalid form of expression


Public arrogance, demonstrated disregard for ethics do not make for glowing candidate

Sen. Tammy Baldwin is facing negative marketing, likes of which have not been seen in this country


Why the Sinclair scripts decrying fake news are inherently hypocritical

Sinclair Broadcast Group preaches commitment to the facts, but haven't been able to straighten them out themselves


Extracurriculars or coursework: which better prepare students for job market?

While classes aim to adequately prepare students for careers, extracurriculars simply do better job


Legislative laziness affects more than your schedule, Senators

Reading a law cover to cover should be an expectation, not a goal


UW Stevens Point’s overhaul of curriculum designed to keep students, not drive them away

With elimination of 13 major programs, expansion of 16 others, Wisconsin university put in unique position of criticism


Eventual Supreme Court case ruling central to eventual fight against Act 10

Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of Mark Janus, Act 10 could finally be deemed unconstitutional


Legislation poised to undermine gay rights history has few benefits

Bill that would complicate process of granting local landmark status suspiciously feels like effort to block recognition of gay rights history


Barring employees from reporting cases of workplace discrimination makes no sense

Stripping established protections against workplace discrimination is yet another thinly-veiled Republican effort to devalue underrepresented voices