‘An American In Paris’ captures stunning romance we all desire

Tony award winner Christopher Wheeldon blesses Madison with beautiful rendition of classic play


Palm, The Spirit of the Beehive delivers bizarrely wonderful performances at Der Rathskeller

Two bands seem to bend concept of genre altogether, bring unconventional performance to intimate crowd


Palm to bring experimental pop rock to Der Rathskeller

Art rock band offers rule-breaking alternative to formulaic verse-chorus-bridge-chorus format


MGMT’s ‘Little Dark Age’ product of decade long experimentation

Project comes after long wait, fans satisfied with latest release

UW-Madison Campus

Madison’s Board of Public Works approves amendment for East Campus Mall modifications

UW to maintain new bike racks, masonry towers


Marco’s Pizza pairs with local Family Video to bring classic film nights to Madison

Introduction of new chain unites fresh food, at-home movie rentals, revives concept of movie night


Psychedelic rock rebranded, MGMT takes great strides on new singles

Band embraces dark, vintage style in recent release


Madison’s own The Big Diss Roast Battles brings high energy, vicious humor

Founder Marty Clarke hopes to one day expand the event, begin a Midwestern battle league


Brian Regan articulates importance of not being a ‘one trick pony’ in comedy

Longstanding comic relies on relatable humor in standup routines, live specials


The North Street Cabaret to bring local comedians together for debut showcase

Organizer, comedian Allie Lindsay hopes the event will become a monthly tradition

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