Biggest threat to environment is Trump — but UW stands in his way

UW's continued commitment to environment in the face of Trump's disregard encouraging, reassuring


Start celebrating Earth Day early — environmentally conscious choices for college students

UW provides workshops, cleanups, other opportunities to celebrate planet


Hey Trump, start listening to your advisers

Retaliatory tariffs demonstrate Trump's lack of expertise, disregard of closest advisers unwise


ASM must advertise more than their candidates to incite voter turnout

Past spikes in student voter turnout indicate willingness to vote in ASM elections, but group must improve on informing students


UW Health study disproves motorcycle misconceptions, prompts need for stricter safety regulations

Helmets decrease amount of neck injuries for motorcyclists, making people wonder why they are not madatory


Rush for Republican tax overhaul created ambiguous policy that hurts businesses

Win in partisan fighting only benefits party, not constituents


Mobile health app for substance use disorders priority for healthcare, essential for Americans

New technology tears down barriers for recovering addicts regardless of socioeconomic status


College students must forge personal political ideals, rather than perpetuating parents’ beliefs

Through variety of student organizations at UW, students must take time to explore, refine political beliefs


Happy Presidents’ Day! Now go vote

Right to vote gives each voter power to influence Wisconsin economy, political climate


In light of recent sexual assaults on campus, #MeToo, #TimesUp more important than ever

Every college student has responsibility to prevent sexual assault, support its victims