Women should not have to defend decisions they make about their own bodies

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The red herring in the red flag debate: Conservative opposition to common sense gun control misses the point

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Wisconsin workers have been ‘Foxconned’ out of promised jobs

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Baraboo Nazi salute should be taken as seriously as the historical context demands

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Let’s call the Pittsburgh massacre what it is — domestic terrorism.

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Expanded WiscAlerts system brings much-needed addition to campus safety

Battle over jurisdictions doesn’t change importance of student safety


Fear of allegations is not a valid reason to ignore sexual assault survivors

Validating survivors' pain does not automatically condemn alleged perpetrators


Religious observance should not be inconvenience for non-Christian students

UW's Christian-centered calendar forces students of other faiths to choose between academics, religious observance


Months before historic flooding, Republicans put Foxconn first, environment second

Deregulation this year filled in one of Wisconsin's last natural defenses against flooding, prompting serious need to rethink environmental policy


Don’t look behind the curtain: $100 million Foxconn gift distraction from key issues

Scientific research money may be plus, but Foxconn does more harm for Wisconsin than good