Which one is more unreliable: Graham Mertz or UWNet?

Wisconsin's football team disappoints fans on the weekend, UWNet cripples efficiency during the week.


UW students and compliant MPD officers should face disciplinary consequences for Mifflin gathering, property damages

Mifflin party events shows double standard policing, failure of UW to protect students, enforce regulations


‘Spotlight’ illustrates the importance of investigative journalism during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The movie about the Boston Globe is an ever-present reminder of speaking up against violence


UPDATE: After possible Loch Ness Monster sighting, students find strange egg near Lakeshore Path

The Badger Herald continues its investigation of the reported sighting and discovery of the egg, local government has been notified


As Wisconsin student body grows more diverse, government must empower teachers of color

Diversifying demographics of teachers will help build deeper relationships with students, create more equitable society for future generations


MPD denies medical attention to houseless person, Wisconsin must use the CAHOOTS model for policing

MPD officers are not trained to deal with medical or mental health crises, their presence makes situtations worse


Police facing no charge after killing Black teen, fifty people sue Wisconsin city for its handling of protests

Mayor Dennis McBride violates First Amendment, defunding police and using CAHOOTS model may be solutions


As COVID-19 crisis increases wealth gap, WI must reform social welfare programs

Relief packages do not create changes, they are just band-aids for temporary fixes


Wisconsin spring primary election turnout was just 7.2%, it is time to reform state voting laws

Voting laws discriminate minorities, permitting oligarchy rather than democracy


Primary election decides future public education policies, it is important to understand how these policies affect future generations’ education and awareness

New superintendent must address four primary challenges in promoting equity in public education, the state must cooperate and enforce Fourteenth Amendment for it to happen

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