Farmers across US are suffering because of Trump’s trade war with China

While trade war resulted in financial collapse of farms in the U.S., Trump's short-term solution to subsidize farms not useful in long run


State government has a responsibility to protect our nature

Data shows Mendota is polluted too much and frozen too little


Too much technology = too little learning?

How much technology is necessary in the classroom?


Let football bring us together — give Kaepernick another chance

Kaepernick's protest was for something truly American — freedom. He deserves to be on the field.


Cento: reminding you of one of best Italian spots in Madison

Weather you're an underclassman still in search of Madison restaurants, upperclassman who needs a reminder of best Madison restaurants, here's an updated review on Cento

Fall 2019

Wisconsin population is declining, prompting need for ‘brain gain’

Economic impact of declining population will further encourage young people to leave, creating negative snowball effect


Going vegetarian for five days didn’t suck

Here is my week long vegetarian experience, from meal plan to mental state


Board of Regents’ ‘protection’ of free speech actually does exact opposite

Integrity of debate, free speech vital to healthy democracy


What’s a ghost’s favorite candy?

Supernatural reporter Harry Quick was on the scene last weekend to ask ghosts some of our most vital Halloween questions


Accessible higher education should be national priority

Milwaukee Area Technical College program should be implemented nationwide