UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to defund GAC in ASM budget, approves ASM internal budget

The committee reduced the ASM Recruitment Drive by $500

UW-Madison Campus

Student Council approves ASM internal budget of more than $1.2 million

Internal budget saw 7 percent reduction from last year

UW-Madison Campus

Panelists look to Twitter, social media to combat fake news in science

Alta Charo, a professor at UW, said fake science shifts focus away from issues that actually matter

City of Madison

Madison city Finance Committee cements 2019 operating budget

2019 operating budget was drafted, fine tuned Tuesday night

UW-Madison Campus

Sexual assault reported in southeast residence hall

The sexual assault allegedly took place Oct. 13

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC approves Wunk Sheek budget, hears Live Free presentation

Native American student organization received a 20 percent budget increase

UW-Madison Campus

UW proposes new parking garage on Linden Drive

In midst of new construction projects, lack of space, university seeks to add more parking spots

UW-Madison Campus

New UW chemistry building will remedy shortcomings of current facility

With construction beginning, UW professors weigh in on necessary updates, optimism for new building

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin farmers, retailers profit from CBD legalization

With CBD available to public, sectors of Wisconsin's agriculture, wellness industry have been thriving

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC grants eligibility to Students for Agriculture, hears proposal from CWC

Campus Women's Center presented in favor of their eligibility while F.H. King was awarded eligibility for the next two years