UW-Madison Campus

UWPD arrests, charges suspect for string of thefts at Shell

Suspect has no affiliation with UW, yet is believed to have stolen from university several times

State of Wisconsin

Job, promotion prospects for UW graduates look favorable for foreseeable future

With economy improving since Great Recessions and older generations retiring, UW graduates in good position for finding work

City of Madison

‘You are the winter soldiers:’ hundreds gather at the Capitol to protest Wisconsin Republicans

After recent Republican proposals, people protested outside Capitol building

UW-Madison Campus

Trump’s policies in Middle East are ‘conventional’ compared to previous administrations, guest speakers say

Arms deal between Saudi Arabia, U.S. was hotly debated

UW-Madison Campus

QuickStart program sparks initial interest for incoming freshmen

With QuickStart beginning its first trial run, it received almost nothing but positive feedback

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor dives into Board of Regents’ free speech policies

Political science professor Howard Schweber said Regents' decision to use the word 'disrupt' in guidelines is too vague

UW-Madison Campus

Multicultural Student Center kicks off Native American Heritage Month with Native Feast

Elder-in-residence Ada Deer also welcomed to campus

City of Madison

In wake of increased criminal activity, MPD looks to add several law enforcement positions

2019 budget did not meet many of MPD's requests as it takes on new shift in crime

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC votes to defund GAC in ASM budget, approves ASM internal budget

The committee reduced the ASM Recruitment Drive by $500

UW-Madison Campus

Student Council approves ASM internal budget of more than $1.2 million

Internal budget saw 7 percent reduction from last year