Better late than never: Why everyone should write for The Badger Herald

But is it too late now to say sorry (for joining so late)?

UW-Madison Campus

[UPDATED] UWPD releases body camera footage from student’s graffiti-related arrest

UWPD releases three videos with body camera footage, a fouth external surveillance video

UW-Madison Campus

In the ‘middle of where they want to be’: What rural students contribute to UW

UW provides learning opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds

State of Wisconsin

Voices from within ‘Day without Latinos’ protest

Protesters turned to social media to document 'Dia sin Latinos'

UW-Madison Campus

It’s ‘our’ problem: The growing heroin epidemic across Wisconsin

UW student organization addresses 'public health crisis' that affects all demographics across state

State of Wisconsin

Lawmakers from around the country to announce debt-free college legislation

Democrats aim for unified message for 2016 election

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin, nation experience boom in gun sales following mass shootings

Experts cite fear from mass shootings driving up sales

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin among 10 states receiving federal money to save monarch butterflies

USDA funding will help farmers plant key nutrient source for butterflies

State of Wisconsin

Despite anomalies, Wisconsin has public housing shortage, experts say

Most people are actively seeking affordable housing, not abusing it, they said

State of Wisconsin

Post-Colorado shooting, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says they’re ‘not going anywhere’

Organization will continue to provide services, assess facilities' security

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