UW-Madison Campus

UWPD arrest suspect for attempted fourth degree sexual assault

Assault occurred at Babcock Drive and University Avenue

UW-Madison Campus

Fictitious and delicious: UW hosts Edible Book Festival

Madison community members could have their cake and read it too at Memorial Library’s sixth annual Edible Book Festival Monday, where community members created edible sculptures inspired

UW-Madison Campus

Former UW student sentenced to three years probation for campus sexual assault

Sentenced to three years probation for 4th degree sexual assault

Breaking News

Student reports sexual assault in Southeast residence hall

Assault occurred in a Southeast residence hall

UW-Madison Campus

BuzzFeed’s Dan Vergano propels intersection of science writing and digital media

Battles the challenge of reaching a large audience

UW System

UW to request $10,000 raise over four years to nonresident undergrad, graduate tuition

As part of the University of Wisconsin System’s proposal to raise nonresident undergraduate and graduate tuition, UW-Madison is requesting a $10,000 raise over a four-year

UW-Madison Campus

Recycling coffee cups on campus: You’re doing it wrong

UW's Office of Sustainability puts out video on proper recycling technique

UW Research

UW professor leads team that developed Ebola vaccine

Offers more protection due to broader immune response

UW Research

UW research will target how toxins affect the human body

Scientists will study effects of toxins

UW-Madison Campus

MIT professor says hurricanes will worsen due to climate change

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