Political correctness in America is long gone

America's leaders represent the worst, instead of the best, of what America is


CTE puts players, future of football in danger

Football players across all levels of play will likely be affected by CTE, and theĀ future of football may be next


ANTIFA’s violence allows them to be branded as ‘alt-left’

Acting as a violent vigilante is not in ANTIFA's best interest


The importance of free speech on campus

Free speech bill allows for productive political, social discourse on campus


Social media misrepresents what freshman year truly looks like

In the moments between filtered party photos, nearly everyone around you is going through emotional challenges


Trump’s border wall will have serious ecological, environmental impacts

Possibility of harming thousands of plant and animal species creates a no-win situation in building massive structure


It’s time to stop self-medicating for school or fun

Drugs like adderall are overprescribed, overused and incredibly dangerous


Republicans will fail in trying to fix broken American health care system

New bill introduced by conservatives doesn't solve 'Obamacare's' issues or introduce anything better


American public education in peril as DeVos prepares to take the reins

Following nationwide opposition, DeVos sworn in as Sec. of Education, putting students in danger


The monster under our beds is now in the White House

Within one week, Trump has doubled down on most xenophobic, hateful, divisive campaign promises