State of Wisconsin

UW System schools could have individual control over pricing tuition

Task force is exploring a model that would give UW schools more control as opposed to the Board of Regents

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin chief deputy solicitor general says law is about truth, not politics

Ryan Walsh talks law school, working for late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia, right-to-work law

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s ‘creative economy’ demonstrates economic value of art

Arts-focused businesses contribute an estimated $530 million to state’s economy, employs more than 42,000 people

UW-Madison Campus

[UPDATED]: Two new instances of anti-Semitic graffiti found on UW campus

Graffiti found near Engineering, University Bookstore

State of Wisconsin

Dane County receives F for air quality in latest report

Expert says polluted air can contribute to climate change, lung damage

UW-Madison Campus

Former NASA astronaut talks to UW students about space, near-death experiences

Brewster Shaw survived two planes and one spaceship catching fire in flight

City of Madison

[UPDATED]: Anti-Semitic, white supremacist graffiti found in UW’s Greek life community

One symbol, which was found outside the building of a Jewish organization, represents the Nazi party

State of Wisconsin

Walker highlights $4.7 billion tax relief, experts question impact

Supporters say tax cuts stimulate the economy, but critics argue cuts result in less services and don't help the poor

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s first female general talks importance of not quitting

After decades in the military, Gov. Scott Walker promotes Col. Joane Mathews to first female general

State of Wisconsin

State hits 300,000 mark in number of concealed carry permits

Experts debate whether concealed carry leads to safety or homicide, Wisconsinites still heavily divided on issue