Henry Vilas Zoo falls short on conservation mission, raising questions on place in Madison community

Unless the Zoo takes action to improve conditions for its animals, locals should remain skeptical


Wisconsin repeals rule banning conversion therapy, leaving LGBTQ+ youth unprotected

Wisconsin Legislature rolls back the clocks to 1950 with two discriminatory bills


Study finds overwhelming racial disparities in Wisconsin judicial system

Data suggests overt discrimination in courts, leading to overincarceration of people of color

Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,

Dr. Jill Biden returns to the White House, her plans to tackle multiple issues at once manifest the ‘Wisconsin Idea’

Biden's versatility helps reshape the public interpretation of First Lady, her actions and plans inspire other female politicians to challenge the norms of their professional and political positions


Increased female representation in Wisconsin, national politics shows the future is female

More women in elected positions offers hope, motivation for young women aspiring to leadership roles


Social media monopoly on news consumption calls for increased government regulation for accuracy

With majority of young Americans looking to social media for news, information must be authenticated

Dorms COVID-19 isolation photo

Once released, COVID vaccine must become mandatory for all UW students

As two vaccine trials make news this week, Wisconsin, UW need to create comprehensive plan to distribute vaccines effectively


Healthcare workers face burnout during second wave, parallels student mental health struggles

College students can support healthcare workers plagued by burnout amid second COVID-19 wave

Police Car

Prison Crisis: Treatment of Wisconsin prisoners during pandemic calls for drastic prison reform

With two prisoners dead from COVID-19, secrecy from Department of Corrections, criminal justice reform is needed now more than ever


SAD is driving the Midwest MAD

Stark contrast of day-to-day temperatures this past week revealed depressing reality of Seasonal Affective Disorder

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