Federal budget an economic disaster, overvalues aspects that do not need attention

An increased deficit, frivolous military spending and failure to address fate of Dreamers are just three examples of why this budget won't work


There is no room for ‘anti-feminism’ in college – all women directly benefit from feminism

Activists throughout history have fought tirelessly, successfully, for gender equality, but there are still battles to be won


Why, and how, to get informed about what’s going on in government

Americans need to take the time to become more educated about their own government


Dear Mr. President, your vacations are more expensive than the programs you’re trying to defund

Trump's vacation habit shouldn't infringe on social programs for the general public


Students must turn to Zach Wood as their voice on Madison’s City Council

Wood deserves to continue serving Madison, UW on Madison City Council


Opt out clause proves once again Walker doesn’t value UW students

Rape Crisis Center, Open Pantry, ASM bus pass would all be compromised with potential budget


If you’re studying in the library, you need to be quiet

As midterms are upon us, do your classmates a favor and keep your conversation away from the quiet section


If you use social media, you’re probably living in an echo chamber

Divides in American society made worse when we refuse to expose ourselves to alternative opinions


Please don’t diminish the Women’s March

Event demonstrated importance of standing up to President Trump, bigotry worldwide

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