US Sen. Ron Johnson says Democratic candidate proposals are ‘jaw-dropping’

Citizens should be knowledgeable, questions things in upcoming election Johnson said


Biden has advantage of familiarity, Warren has disadvantage as woman in 2020, political writer says

Biden viewed as 'safe figure,' political writer said

City of Madison

Madison stakeholders come together to address homelessness on State Street, downtown area

Police, shelters, stakeholders work together to come up with solutions


Anti-Trump message appears on digital messaging system in Education Building

UW system prohibits use of resources for advocating political positions

City of Madison

Local businesses plan, prep ahead of home football games

'It's organized chaos,' store leader of Kwik Trip said

Breaking News

Actor impersonating a cop wields fake gun, citizens call police

Law enforcement confiscates fake gun, uniform, police lights

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Drunk driver arrested on State Street after trying to flee from officer

Driver drove over sidewalk, received citation for driving without license

State of Wisconsin

UW, state legislators look to assist struggling Wisconsin farmers

Farmers face price changes, disease, climate change but should remain proud


Trump campaign adviser encourages students to vote, talk about facts

'Trump stands for our flag, our national anthem, our veterans, our jobs,' adviser Guilfoyle said

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“Good Samaritan” takes down robber who stole wallet from backpack

Suspect arrested and charged, stolen item returned to victim

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