A fight for liberation: BLM continues the movement

How an organization became the movement

City of Madison

City Council to launch UWPD off-campus citations pilot program

Program will process some citations in municipal instead of county court, reducing cost to students

UW-Madison Campus

UW employee dies from injuries received on job

Roberto Vergara passes away two days after hitting his head while working

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC hears request for budget increase from ALPs, GSSF eligibility request from WBSU

ALPs requests increase of $4,613.10, Black Student Union granted another eligibility hearing after being denied GSSF eligibility


Foundation calls students voter ID requirements restricting, sues Wisconsin Elections Commission

This student voter ID law creates undue burden for student voters, foundation says


Local law enforcement and pharmacies partner with local agencies, dispose of pharmaceuticals

Improperly disposed medications can lead to water contamination, expert says

City of Madison

Community members, officials express public safety concerns at city budget hearing

Public comment heard about adding more ambulances, adding more MPD officers, defunding an MPD position


Task force reconsidering city government structure in favor of council members serving full time

Task force split on council size and term limits, but in favor of full-time members


SSFC debates paying SAC Governing Board members, agree student government advertising needs improvement

Rep said advertising budget should be used in a "smarter fashion"


UW alumni, freelancer gives students advice on reporting abroad

Freelancer compares getting attention on foreign issues to pulling teeth

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