Novak claims student input has led to changes in new meal plan

While new policy remains contested by many students, modifications have eased some nerves

UW-Madison Campus

UW history professor says race isn’t going away any time soon

Conversations surrounding race have been hushed for years, a UW professor looks to change that

State of Wisconsin

Lawmakers are simply fronts for large corporations, PACs attempting to push their agendas, speaker says

Politicians pocket dark money from big companies, who strategically keep legislators in power that will support certain bills


Campus organizations hold discussion, rally for International Women’s Day

Student organizations across campus gathered to march and discuss the impacts of feminism on the 99% for International Women's Day

UW-Madison Campus

ASM to consider new committee for first-year students

Legislation to be voted on during next student council meeting

State of Wisconsin

Bill looks to change compensation law for wrongfully convicted individuals

Legislation would also provide transition services, better health care for up to five years

UW-Madison Campus

Prenatal exposure to pollutants linked to lower IQ scores in children

Bruce Lanphear looks to expand education on impact of pollutants on health of Americans

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of professors dissect Russian election meddling

Russian influence in elections has been going on for years around the world, U.S. election just brought it to light, panelists said

State of Wisconsin

To address aging workforce, state legislators introduce grant program for out-of-state students

Individuals not native to Wisconsin would receive financial incentive for working, living in Wisconsin after graduation

City of Madison

Man overdoses on heroin in East Towne Mall bathroom

Suspect booked on possession of opioids, now in custody