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Improved gun control policy desperately needed after Florida high school shooting

Although political talk seems terse, debate and policy central to honoring victims


Walker’s Twitter tirade against Soglin potentially significant act in gubernatorial race

Actions of candidates are important, but voters must be conscious in deciding their relevance, effect


Online courses only beneficial for certain demographics, prompting self-reflection

Recent studies show technology often hinders academic success for disavantaged students


Admitting racist past is America’s first step towards justice

History of denial impedes potential improvement of race relations in U.S.


New eText program lightens students’ load, fattens wallet

Online textbooks are more beneficial to students in terms of cost, safety, accessibility


Increasing conversation about hypermasculinity, male libido central to fight against sexual assault

Rape motives among men may stem from early, implicit education, and addressing male sex drive is crucial to unraveling such a pattern


Gov. Walker’s food stamp drug testing proposal is unconstitutional

Proposed measure is clear misuse of taxpayer dollars, risking livelihood of children in low-income families is unacceptable


Latest gun control legislation beacon of hope for country

Those who lost their lives in 2017 from gun violence deserve justice, preventative gun control legislation


Rubio’s tax proposal step in right direction for middle class Americans across party lines

Tax breaks for middle to lower-class families with children would benefit millions, stimulate economy


Gerrymandering has intensely gendered implications

Women are statistically more likely to vote democratic, so gerrymandering, specifically in Wisconsin, has silenced their voice