In light of Trump’s free speech executive order, UW’s existing policy is worthy of praise

UW System's free speech and protest policy already covers much of Trump's latest executive order


Back to basics: Would a $15 minimum wage really benefit Wisconsinites?

Evers' proposal to increase minimum wage is not all its cracked up to be


President’s tariff authority must be reduced to restore balance of power

Wisconsin representative's bill must be passed to rightfully limit president's delegated authority


Speculation insufficient to warrant seizure of citizens’ guns

Red Flag gun law proponents have honorable intentions, but potential for violation of fundamental rights too great


Requiring usage of support services may remedy underlying causes of homelessness

Though the City of Madison is on the right track to reducing homelessness, there is always room for improvement


Gridlock does not prevent good governance — it is good governance

Though legislative detente may seem useless, it creates a favorable business environment, reduces spending


Shaming people into voting is unproductive for representative democracy

One must be passionate and educated before exercising their right to vote


Don’t blame juvenile crime on police, systemic inequality

Putting blame elsewhere unfairly absolves juveniles of responsibility, leads to repeat offenses


Two-party system limits options for innovative governance

Libertarian Party deserves a chance to make its case to the electorate


Advisory referendums mean nothing without political action

Ballot questions concerning marijuana legalization must result in direct, effective legislation

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