Voter ID laws discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status

The color of one’s skin or amount of money saved in bank not grounds for revocation of rights


Wisconsin Republican’s response to indictments paint bleak future for Republican party, country

The Failure of Republicans like Johnson and Ryan to see the enormity of Mueller’s indictments sets low expectations for inner party accountability in the future


A year into Trump’s America and it’s worse than expected

Impotent Trump administration has accomplished little else than polarization in its first year


Zervos testimony deserves to be heard, regardless of Trump’s power

After multiple women have come forward with claims of sexual assault against the president, it's time for their voices to be heard


Funding research imperative to ending gun violence

Lack of research into mass shootings, mental health, make preventing tragedies like Las Vegas increasingly more difficult


Prohibiting abortion training for UW medical students is absurd

Every medical student should have the right to abortion education, just like every woman should have the right to choose


Game day culture divides student body

Ticket prices, incessant drinking necessary to participate in game day rituals excludes certain students who are unwilling or unable to join in


Disparities in healthcare detrimental for American women

Obama-era rollbacks cause for worry for females whose easy access to health insurance, contraceptives could fly out the window


Sanctuary cities make America safer, greater

Republican notion that illegal immigrants commit more crimes not based in fact, proves bigoted party policy


The key to ending gun violence is simple — stricter gun control

The less guns in circulation, the less likely mass shootings like Las Vegas would be