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COVID-19 intensifies early leasing season amid campus uncertainty

Early lease renewals, rental search process should be pushed back given pandemic precautions, uncertainty

Dorms COVID-19 isolation photo

Understanding COVID-19 long haulers essential to documenting true campus outbreak

UW should make efforts to track recoveries, long-term symptoms of infected students

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Students should not bear responsibility to monitor others following Smart Restart failures

Introduction of campus influencers may decrease outbreaks, but only once UW takes accountability for inconsistent enforcement of rules


With new hybrid education, UW should implement more effective means of teaching

Online lectures are lacking effectiveness due to unpreparedness, fruitful remote education must be prioritized over other campus activities


COVID’s on the menu: Gov. Evers’ proposed list of businesses with virus cases may be misleading the public

As Gov. Evers announces plan to release names of businesses with employees who tested positive, backlash ensues

COVID-19, COVID19, Coronavirus, UW Madison

Risky Business: To stay safe on campus, Badgers must reevaluate risk, personal choices

UW needs to enforce more substantial health procedures to minimize risks on campus, reduce use of hygiene theater


Beyond headlines: Diversity within newsrooms essential for objective reporting

Daniel Thompson's resignation highlights racial injustice within newsrooms across country, brings forth necessity to push for more diversity


UW, Madison safety regulations demonstrate severe unpreparedness as new cases skyrocket

With COVID-19 rampantly spreading through UW's campus, UW leaders must look to other campuses, states to institute effective guidelines


Tale of Two Candidates: How Harris, Pence’s visits to Wisconsin reflect campaign efficacy

Biden-Harris' effective campaigning in Wisconsin spells out victory for the Democratic Party following November presidential elections


Closer look at Green Party’s attempt to enter Wisconsin ballot

To address election misgivings, voters must look at how candidates are selected as well as the people they vote in

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