UW-Madison Campus

Scientists look at symptoms, remedies for fake news

Scientists at annual American Association for the Advancement of Science expressed concern over current media landscape


Campus carry raises political, moral discussion in Union South

UW's student government is circulating a survey gauging student opinion on campus carry


Social media at times ‘scary,’ but crucial means of communication for university

Users engagement with university social media has grown in recent years


UW statement: we oppose campus carry

The Wisconsin State Legislature could consider a campus carry bill as early as January

State of Wisconsin

Startup activity in Wisconsin lags, while small businesses excel

Survival rate of small businesses in Wisconsin is almost 51 percent


‘Nightmare’ in Indianapolis stretches beyond the football field

More than 60 band members fell ill at the game

UW-Madison Campus

Social Security numbers potentially at risk following UW Law School data breach

All affected individuals will receive free credit monitoring for one year to protect against identity theft

UW-Madison Campus

BadgerLoop unveils futuristic HyperLoop pod model

Pod is headed to California to compete in HyperLoop Pod Competition next month

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of UW experts look to make sense of the 2016 election

Identity politics, a misunderstanding of middle America by mass media used to interpret results

UW-Madison Campus

UW students make science accessible to Madison school children

New student organization provides young kids with mentors, fosters early interest in science

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