If you haven’t watched “Bridgerton” by now, I give you two to three days after reading this article. I’m sure you have at least heard of it, as it is one of the hottest new releases from Netflix Originals. Personally, I enjoyed it so much I watched it in two days flat. If you’re in the market for a Gossip Girl-meets-1800s-British-drama, look no further. 

The show is based off of the first book in a series written by Julia Quinn, so you know it’s legit. After all, only the best of books are deserving of a Netflix adaptation. 

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Produced by Shonda Rhimes, “Bridgerton” is a period piece with all the elements of a binge-worthy tv show — cliffhangers, romance, scandal and even some comedy. The show gives us a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy and prestigious Bridgerton family during prime British “courting” season. And let me tell you, men just don’t court like they used to. 

One of the juiciest plotlines follows Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor, the hottest damsel of the season, who is vying for the playboy bachelor Simon Basset, played by Regé-Jean Page, who also happens to be the royal Duke of Hastings. Not to spoil anything, but the chemistry between those two is off the charts. 

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Besides being narrated by Julie Andrews, who is the voice of Lady Whistledown, and featuring instrumental adaptations of popular songs, like “Thank U Next” by Ariana Grande and “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, for example, the show is important for an entirely different reason. The diversity — Bridgerton is refreshing as it features a London high-society with strong Black characters.

Another thing that sets this period piece apart is that there is no shortage of sex.  The show also displays plenty of female pleasure — something often neglected in sex scenes. 

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The only two major critiques of “Bridgerton” I have are that there is no portrayal of love defying the barriers of social class, and there is absolutely no reason for Daphne to have those atrocious bangs. 

All things considered, the scandal created by the all-knowing and anonymous Lady Whistledown will keep you on the edge of your seat for all eight riveting episodes. Who doesn’t love a character who knows how to stir the pot?