Finally bringing us into the ‘80s, WandaVision’s fifth episode returned to sitcom-style after last week’s respite. We see Wanda and Vision grappling with their new responsibilities as parents and it quickly becomes clear Wanda is losing her control on Westview.

This episode may be one of the best. We are given countless answers throughout this episode, but we are left wondering if we can see the bigger picture any clearer. S.W.O.R.D. Director Hayward and many of his subordinates are entirely convinced Wanda is the root of this entire situation and yet Monica, Jimmy, Darcy and the audience are not sure this is the case.

It appears Wanda has some level of control over everything happening, but there are many moments where she seems as confused and caught off guard as those of us watching from home.

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One of the eeriest moments of this entire series came as Vision opened a mass email in his office building. As he began reading, every employee in the room simultaneously recited the words of what seemed to be Darcy Lewis’s report on the “Westview anomaly.”

Vision — concerned by what he witnessed — zapped his coworker’s mind, causing him to break free from Wanda’s grasp. Vision confronts Wanda back at their home and as the argument comes to a head, the two are interrupted by the doorbell. Wanda opens the door to see a “recast” Pietro.

The introduction of Evan Peters’s Pietro Maximoff, last seen in 2019’s Dark Phoenix, seems to confirm a number of theories and has answered some questions about Wanda’s level of control. The fact this is not the Pietro she remembers proves she does not have full control of everything going on within the “Hex.”

A popular theory details the possibility Wanda subconsciously brought her brother back from the dead using the body of a Westview resident. This is possible as we have seen Wanda can change people’s personalities and manipulate their perception of the world around them.

But, the most compelling theory is that an outside force controlling the Westview anomaly has pulled Pietro from another universe — the universe populated by the 20th Century Fox X-Men characters — and placed him within Westview to satiate Wanda’s desire to reunite with her late brother.

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The most likely candidate is the Marvel Comics version of the devil, a demon named Mephisto. There have been a number of hints this may be the case.

For one, the character Agnes has drawn many comparisons to a witch in the comics named Agatha Harkness, a frequent associate of Mephisto. Additionally, back in the second episode, when Dottie is running the planning meeting by the pool she says, “The devil is in the details.”

Agnes then responds by saying, “That’s not the only place he is,” in a tone which seems rather jarring in the moment. Whether or not Mephisto is the cause, Evan Peters’s appearance in the show has major implications for the rest of the series and the future of the MCU.

Casting Evan Peters as Pietro in the series all but confirms this show will be Marvel’s gateway for connecting the MCU to the Fox X-Men films. Following Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox in 2019, fans began clamoring for the introduction of the X-Men to the MCU.

Going into this series, it had already been confirmed WandaVision would directly tie into the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel subtitled, “The Multiverse of Madness.” Multiple universes will converge in the film and this series presented a perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling.

Episode 5 includes yet another commercial referencing another traumatic moment from Wanda’s past. The product this time around is “Lagos Paper Towels,” a clear reference to Wanda’s accidental destruction of a populated building in Lagos in Captain America: Civil War.

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The past commercials included the Stark Industries branded toaster, a Hydra/Strucker brand watch and Hydra Soak soap. Presumably, more commercials will follow, potentially referencing other sources of Wanda’s trauma such as Thanos or Ultron.

As with every episode so far, we are left craving more answers. Will we see other X-men appear in the series? Will other MCU characters such as Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel appear to offer assistance with the Westview anomaly? Will Marvel use this series as an opportunity to introduce the devil — a large enough villain to fill the main antagonist role left vacant after Thanos’s defeat?

With four episodes still to come, it is likely even more questions will arise before we grasp the true nature of Wanda’s ideal world.

WandaVision episode 5 is available to stream exclusively on Disney Plus.