Anyone even partially connected to gaming culture has likely introduced “sus” into their regular vocabulary, and with good reason. While only a few months ago another game called “Fall Guys” was king of the gaming world, and quickly taking over Twitch and Youtube, a new game called “Among Us” has risen to the challenge and knocked “Fall Guys” from its pedestal.

Released just under two weeks after “Fall Guys,” “Among Us” stole the show. Given the gaming community’s reactions to both, it’s easy to see how the games jumped to such popularity. Both are simple in their premise, easily understood and accessible. Each game puts you in a setting to either compete with or help your friends, or even intentionally sabotage them.

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So what led to the “Among Us” domination of the gaming space? To start, “Among Us” is far more accessible. When “Fall Guys” launched, it was included with PS Plus for the month of August and was listed at $19.99 everywhere else. “Among Us” launched with a $4.99 price tag with a free mobile version of the game.

The second reason is one that is key to any hit game — replay-ability. While “Fall Guys” dominated people’s minds for several weeks, it started to become apparent you were at the mercy of the game as well as several strangers you would never see again. These feelings can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths after a while, as it becomes a game of luck rather than skill.

“Among Us,” however, seemed to take many of these same ideas and do them right. At the mercy of the games choice of level? There’s only one level and it’s always the same. Strangers you’ll never meet again? You can at least interact with them through chat or you can play with friends. 

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Then, of course, there’s the gameplay. Whether being cooped up at home has given us all murderous desires or it’s the simple, hilarious premise, it’s hard to ignore that “Among Us” is an addicting game.

“Among Us” is all about social interaction. Who’s lying? Who was in electrical? Blue sus?  It’s a matter of knowing how to convince your friends you don’t intend on killing them, and hoping they don’t do the same to you. It’s survival of the fittest out there, so stay out of electrical, and red definitely sus.