Happy fall everyone! Now that it’s officially sweater weather, I’m here to show you the top five hidden gems of spooky season that you can enjoy, whether you’re having socially distanced hangouts every weekend or are stuck in the isolation dorms.

1. Fall Window Stickers

Let’s start this list off with a blast from the past to your kindergarten classroom the week before Halloween. Window stickers may seem a little childish at first, but they’re the perfect decoration to spice up your dorm and make it look less like a prison!

You can even get some letter ones and spell out a message to the people walking by. Stickers are way better than those pesky post-its that keep falling off. Plus, if you get sick of them, just peel ‘em right off and toss ‘em in the trash. Easy clean up! Here’s a link to some fun fall-themed ones.

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2. Pumpkin Carving Kit

This one is for all you crafty people out there. Are you sick of just sitting in your dorm room, staring out at the changing leaves and wishing you could do literally anything? Well, just get a pumpkin and a carving kit and go to town!

You can tell your friends to order some too and have a carving competition. Just remember that pumpkins do rot, so don’t leave your masterful creation in the dorm for too long, or it might get a little stanky in there. You’re on your own for for finding a pumpkin, but here’s a link to a carving kit.

3. Fall-Themed Face Masks

Did you really expect a 2020 favorites list without a mask in it? Come on, you can never escape the global pandemic but you can make it fun! Instead of those boring, solid masks that match everything, why not go for a fun fall pattern that might go with one shirt you own?

I know I’m not selling this very well, but fall-patterned masks actually are super fun and festive for getting into the harvest season spirit. When people see you out and about, they’ll think “wow, they actually have a personality!” instead of glancing your way and not looking twice. Here’s a link to some fun fall masks.

4. “Folklore” by Taylor Swift

Now that we’re halfway into the semester, it’s safe to say that schoolwork is kicking everyone’s asses right now. We could use some calming music to keep us from dropping out. This album may have come out in late July, but it’s indie vibes plus the colors of fall are unmatched.

Just think about taking a long walk on the Lakeshore path, taking in the view of Lake Mendota and listening to Taylor’s soothing voice or, alternatively, staring out the window of your dorm room at the changing leaves. I can’t think of anything more relaxing.

In photos: drone shots of fall foliage from aboveThe last traces of chlorophyll vanish from the leaves as ever-colder winds blow in from Lake Mendota, signaling the arrival Read…

5. “The Haunting of Bly Manor”

This Netflix show was just released a few days ago, and it’s the perfect way to get into spooky season. The series follows an au pair who is hired to look after two young children in an English country estate and the manor is revealed to be haunted by apparitions. This show is from the creators of “The Haunting of Hill House,” so if you enjoyed that, you will definitely love this.

Or, if you haven’t seen The Haunting of Hill House, you can binge that right after! Now pop some popcorn, snuggle under a blanket, and get ready to be scared out of your mind. ‘Tis the season!