Some artists like to transform their music through dance, and there are thousands of music videos online that feature exceptional and passionate choreography.

We here at The Herald wanted to give you a list of popular, and less popular, music videos to watch and admire the emotional tracks interpreted through dance. 

With that, here are nine music videos with exceptional choreography.

“Don’t” – Ed Sheeran

A video featuring a rags-to-riches story.

“Grow as We Go” – Ben Platt

A heart-wrenching and true depiction of a relationship with cuts to Platt singing.

“All For Us” – Zendaya, Labrinth

An interpretation of a reckless teen’s drug trip.

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“Try” – Pink

Another depiction of a relationship working through issues, featuring the cycle of conflicts and reconciliations.

“Runaway” – Kanye West (ft. Pusha T)

A depiction of historic racial stereotypes in reverse as white performers entertain a black audience.

“still feel.” – half*alive

A group reflects on anxiety and how they cope with it through out-of-world experiences.

“Sucker Punch” – Sigrid

A girl thinks about a current love that overpowers her.

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“Woke Up Late” – Drax Project (ft. Hailee Steinfeld)

A positive interpretation of feelings after a one night stand that ends in appreciation of both parties.

“Here It Goes Again” – OK Go

A group of guys having a good time on some treadmills.