The Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Committee and Havens Wright Center have partnered once again to bring “Social Cinema” to the University of Wisconsin campus.

Social Cinema is a film series that informs students of the social issues all around them. It’s a handful of weekly documentaries that run from Feb. 12 to Mar. 11, ranging from student food insecurity to institutional racism. 

Its primary goal is to inform viewers on the perspectives of others and the community around them, engaging them with both a presentational and dialogue approach. The series does this by having an educated facilitator lead a discussion on the films after they are screened. 

WUD Film and the Haven Wright Center also chose films that were produced within the past year to ensure that they are culturally relevant. They are also high-quality films that appeal to cinephiles and social justice enthusiasts alike.

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The screening schedule is as follows —

Rigged: Voter Suppression Playbook (2019) – Feb. 12

For over 10 years, a number of right-wing groups have made it harder to vote in certain states, targeting younger voters and minority groups. The film follows how current forces are still suppressing the right to vote, uncovering why and how it’s happening in certain U.S. states.

American Factory (2019) – Feb. 19

A Chinese billionaire opens a factory in Ohio, hiring 2,000 Americans and struggling to balance Chinese technology with America’s working class. Along with its Marquee screening, “American Factory” is also available on Netflix.

Hungry to Learn (2019) – Feb. 26

Screening tonight, this film follows college students as they experience food insecurity. It’s a gripping story about how students struggle to pay tuition and also afford sustainable meals to feed their education. It goes into the politics behind applying for food stamps and other forms of help, and proving how hard it is to get assistance as a student.

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The Feeling of Being Watched (2018) – Mar. 4

This film documents Assia Boundaoui’s investigation of FBI counterterrorism in her Arab-American neighborhood. She uncovers “Operation Vulgar Betrayal” — one of the largest forms of surveillance conducted before 2001. Through her efforts, she confirmed her neighbors’ beliefs that they were being watched for over a decade, and questions the government’s role in our personal safety.

Roll Red Roll (2018) – Mar. 11

The last film of the series, “Roll Red Roll,” outlines the shocking story of assault and a successful high school football team. An amateur blogger sifted through public records to discover a crime that included many adult bystanders. The entire film is a testament to what happens when rape culture is ignored, and brings the ugly truth of assault into the light.

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If you’re interested in the series, the last two films are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. respectively for the next two Wednesdays. Be sure to check out the Marquee’s website for other movies and opportunities to get involved with film.