The Studio Creative Arts Learning Community is hosting a showcase this Thursday, providing its students an outlet to perform their creative talents. Whether it’s singing, dancing, painting or any other art form, The Studio welcomes it.

Like many communities on campus, The Studio brings a group of like-minded students with common interests together. They live on the same floor, enroll in a seminar and participate in communal activities.

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Outlined on their UW Housing page, a few of their goals are to “create an arts and design-centered learning experience” and “have access to onsite rehearsal, study, drafting and performance spaces.” 

They have a few unique spaces available to their students including the Hive, a craft room shared with the Start-Up community, The Creative Lab for music recording and larger art projects and the Black Box, a theater space with a sprung dance floor, lighting grid and music system. It’s here that The Studio presents their quarterly showcases.

The performances range from music to art, poetry and comedy — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the past, they’ve had students present drag performances and even cut their hair on stage. The Studio encourages out-of-box thinking, especially within the Black Box.

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Studio residents can also perform in more than one showcase — all of them if they have the time. “This is a great opportunity to exhibit progress from prior Showcases,” their website says. “Looking back on your time in the Studio, these nights are what will really stand out…”

The program has their students control the showcases, they work crew, host and perform. But the most important role Studio members can play is within the audience.

The Studio showcases are meant to give students a safe space to try new things, and that couldn’t be accomplished without the support of their friends. They’re encouraged to cheer and encourage performers, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for all. 

In many ways, The Studio showcases allow students to experiment with different art forms and expand their network of supporters.

Their first showcase of the semester will be tomorrow, Jan. 30. All current and previous Studio residents are able to sign up and perform their art. The performances are exclusive to members, but the last showcase of the year is open to everyone.