The energy flowing throughout the Majestic Theatre during the final sold-out show of the “Welcome to Mirrorland” U.S. college tour felt immense Tuesday night.

Headlining act and Atlanta hip-hop duo EarthGang, comprised of rappers WowGr8 and Olu, were joined by Guapdad 4000 and Benji.

Benji., a rising Pittsburgh native artist, took to the stage first with abundant messages of positivity. But before he began, the Majestic grew full of fans prepared for a well-rounded night of singing, dancing and moshing.

Followed by Guapdad 4000, known for his catchy song “Gucci Pajamas,” both artists displayed high energy performances to the audience. The audience reciprocated their energy, despite this being the first time many heard either performers’ music or saw them live.

Both Benji. and Guapdad 4000 prove to be quite the opening acts, especially considering Guapdad 4000 is now Grammy-nominated for “Revenge of the Dreamers 3,” along with EARTHGANG.

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The crowd was pumped and ready for anything as they waited just a bit longer for EARTHGANG to take the stage.

After a few heavy-hitting Dreamville classics played by DJ Dark Knight to keep the crowd pumped up, the duo walked out to the sounds of change being inserted into a game machine.

Starting with “LaLa Challenge,” EARTHGANG performed a great deal of songs off their latest studio album, “Mirrorland.” As the audience sang along, some took this introduction as a challenge to relay every single lyric loud and proud.

Voices from the audience echoed off the walls as the sound grew stronger and rang collectively. 

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The experience for fans, old and new, was quite special in such an intimate space as attendees had the opportunity to see EARTHGANG and be seen in return.

Amid tracks from “Mirrorland,” the performers pressed pause and rewind to play songs off some of their older projects like “Strays with Rabies” and the trilogy of EP’s “Rags,” “Robots” and “Royalty” which builds up to the story behind “Mirrorland.” 

They could not resist calling a few volunteers to the stage for a group dance number to “So Many Feelings.” Several eager attendees jumped up to show off their skills, including one man on crutches. 

As the last dance, everyone made an effort to go all out.

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The whole night — everyone gave their all.

Each time the crowd was asked to “open it up,” they did so promptly and collided gracefully, forming waves of good vibes only, across the entire floor.

Close to the end of EARTHGANG’s set, Guapdad 4000 returned with a nearly finished bottle of Hennessey to share with his fellow rappers onstage. The excitement grew higher and higher.

But soon after, the stage was cleared and the lights went out as if the show was over.

Fans knew, however, the best had yet to come.

After the anticipation was built high enough for EARTHGANG to return to the stage, they performed an encore of their hit single “Up.” Grand cheers for Benji and Guapdad 4000 then filled the venue, as the beginning of the end commenced.

The artists stayed on stage for almost 15 minutes signing an array of items including shoes, hats, and some more random memorabilia like cash and cigarillo wraps.

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This attention to connection and recognition for the people who make their shows possible makes EARTHGANG and their counterparts some of the best in the business of live entertainment.

Throughout the night, WowGr8 reminded the audience numerous times: “I am EARTHGANG. You are EARTHGANG. We are all EARTHGANG,” and that ‘we’ includes even those reading along now.

The pair spent 2019 consistently on tour with various artists and appears to have no intention of giving up the stage anytime soon. The next leg of their “Welcome to Mirrorland” tour starts in January.