Billie Eilish is a great example of being able to accept one’s insecurities — her avante-garde style on all fronts has made her stand out from everyone. It’s possible her unique clothing choices helped her stick out, but her stardom cannot be attributed to anything other than her natural talent and efforts as an artist.

Eilish’s latest LP, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” dropped March 29, and, though not news, the album received enormous popularity. The album landed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, and she became the leading female artist, holding the most songs in the Top 100 with 14 tracks the week the album was released.

Her voice alone holds a multitude of praiseworthy mentions, like a range that is incredibly impressive and a pure tone that leaves fans playing her songs on repeat. Her personality is raw and candid, and she encourages fans to question their surroundings — something only hard work can accomplish.

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Eilish holds so much more than just special surface-level traits — her strong sense of identity is showcased with every song she records. Her latest single, “everything i wanted,” released Nov. 13, exemplifies maturity, as the song is something like a way of coping with the struggles of her relatively new fame.

Most of us may consider fame to be virtuous, but according to Eilish in this single, getting everything she wanted — possibly alluding to fame and fortune — “might’ve been a nightmare.”

She describes waking up with a supportive entity beside her, consoling her, only to admit the world does not deserve her.

Vulnerability is a feeling we’re all familiar with, and, though uncomfortable, it is what makes us stronger. In pop culture, it may be difficult for celebrities to feel secure as vulnerability may show weakness, but being able to express how they feel through their passions helps everyone cope with imperfection.

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Eilish is unbelievably unique, to the point where I wonder — how did a 17-year-old homeschooled talent reach so many of us with her music? How does someone become so famous that fast? Why should we believe we deserve her?

Though our identities are constantly changing, Eilish represents a young woman who is able to identify how she feels, which mirrors her breathtaking music. Her ability to acknowledge her experiences through music is a skill we can all take after, so we may thank her for opening our eyes to self-awareness.

As a music education major, I’ve found Eilish’s persona to be remarkable and contagious. Music has power to be extremely subjective, and every song of Eilish’s holds a capability to be interpreted a million ways, and her fans will always find a way to relate. Ultimately it will encourage us to grow. This is a power within Eilish, and we’re lucky to get a glimpse of her magnificence.

Because Eilish speaks a truth, her music helps mediate understanding and connection with those who truly listen. Her awe-inspiring beauty is represented in everything she does, and we should be thankful for the art in her music.

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If I ever get the chance to offer her advice in person, I’d recommend she stays true to her free-spirited nature and continues to ignore the toxicity fame unfortunately cultures. Also, I’d suggest she continues to use music as a medium to express her feelings she feels so strongly because she is not alone dealing with these emotions, and we’re here to support her.

The power of music resonates within all of us, and Eilish is an outstanding example of the power musical creation can hold. We feel moved by her alluring voice and her spunky personality, and we’re privileged to be able to share vulnerability with her through her single ‘everything i wanted.’

We do not deserve her, and because Eilish is so capable of emanating truth, it’s important for us to accept her role in our lives and be grateful for the awareness she gifts us.

Score: 5/5